L’Oursin Bleu


L’Oursin Bleu restaurant, located in Villefranche-sur-Mer, welcomes you not far from the water in a warm and friendly place.

In summer, its terrace overlooking the harbor will allow you to hang the sun during your meal!

This restaurant has an aquarium in the middle of the room and has a specialty of seafood, lobster, brittany blue, and others. It is a cuisine of the world, made with fresh and seasonal products.

Whether you come between colleagues, friends or lovers, you will be conquered.

Sitting in the sun on the harbor facing the harbor of Villefranche or in the room with the decor that evokes the large cabins transatlantic, Jerome Deloncle and Hervé Lelu – from the most prestigious houses in Paris.

You discover a fresh and tasty cuisine: tiramisu fresh goat cheese with green peppers and smoked salmon dulce lychee, grilled prawns nougatine with garlic and granny tartar, rock octopus melted marinated lime passion salad crisp, bouillabaisse (chic or simple), rack of lamb Provençal filet Limousin beef with morel mushrooms, roast turbot and gambas shell gravy gnocchi with quince …

This farandole of gourmet dishes ends on a sweet note with the caramel crunchy caramel vanilla ice cream or guanaja chocolate heart liquid ice cream cherry.

Hervé, also passionate about jazz and the sea, is also inexhaustible on the magnificent aquariums which give an air of lagoon of the South Seas to the big room of the restaurant.

After your meal, have a look at L’Oursin Bleu shop next to the restaurant where you can do some gourmet shopping: macaroons, pastries, fine wines, spirits …


11 quai Amiral Courbet,
06230 Villefranche-sur-Mer

Tél. :  04 93 01 90 12

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