Buddha Bar Monaco


The incredible story behind the Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo

This exceptional place popped up in 2010 on the former site of Monte-Carlo’s old Cabaret, a venue that once stood in the heart of the Monte-Carlo Casino  in the early 20th century.

The Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo boasts epic, sweeping spaces, with the ceiling raised seven meters high and a harmonious combination of oak paneling and sculptures, pilasters, molding, stucco and gilding. Fascinating décor and extraordinary dimensions to match the prestige of its locations and its host, a giant meditating Buddha straight from Asia, and the Buddha-Bar’s central point. The bar’s guardian watches over guests, infused with a sense of deep serenity.

Elegant musical design in a refined Lounge Bar

At the Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo, more surprises await: Papadia Donato, aka DJ Papa, is the bar’s other star resident. From behind his decks, the resident DJ watches over the Lounge Bar, distilling minimalist musical treats in a subtle fusion of lounge, chill-out and world music, all delicately seasoned with a handful of ethnic beats and electro. A leading name in the clubbing world, the Buddha-Bar selection provides the perfect backdrop as you tuck into sashimis, makis, sushis and other Asian gems, sipping at a glass of sake or one of the House’s signature cocktails. Two open-air terraces complete the overall effect of this idyllic setting made for enjoying the warm balminess of summer nights.

An adventure in a plate

Dinner at the Buddha-Bar is a journey for the senses. Delve into a culinary experience with flavors that whisk you away, where the fragrances of China, Japan, Thailand and South-East Asia mingle indulgently with the tastes of the West. To each dish its magic. To each forkful its surprises. Heading up the team, Chef Eric Guillemaudinvents and innovates, moving easily between bursts of Asian flavor and French excellence. Wagner Spadacio, winner of the the 1st French Sushi Championships in 2017 is now chef of Japanese cuisine at Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo.

Insider’s tip

The Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo is a wonderland – and it can be difficult to tear yourself away. Take a little of the magic home with you by popping into the store for a look at the huge range of items on offer: compilations, T-Shirts, statues, incense, face and body creams, tea sets, towels and much, much more.

Place du Casino

MC 98000 Monaco

  • T. (377) 98 06 19 19
  • buddhabarmontecarlo@sbm.mc

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 18:00 to 2:00.

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