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From Chateau Grimaldi to the Picasso Museum

Founded on the ancient acropolis of the Greek city of Antipolis, Roman castrum, residence of the bishops in the Middle Ages (from 442 to 1385), the castle Grimaldi was inhabited from 1385 by the Monegasque family who gave it its name. Become residence of the governor of the King, then from 1792, town hall, the building turns into barracks in 1820, thus marking the taking possession of the places by the Military Engineering until 1924.
Professor of French, Greek and Latin at Lycée Carnot in Cannes, Romuald Dor Souchère began in 1923 his archaeological research in Antibes. On March 29, 1924, Dor de la Souchère created the Friends of the Museum of Antibes, the purpose of which is to found a Historical and Archaeological Museum and to work to make known the past of the region.
In 1925, the Grimaldi castle was bought by the city of Antibes and became the Grimaldi museum with Romuald Dor de la Souchère as its first curator. In September 1945, Pablo Picasso went to the Grimaldi museum and in 1946, Romuald Dor de la Souchère offered to use part of the castle as a studio.

From Picasso ….

Picasso, enthusiastic, works at the castle and realizes many works, drawings and paintings. Following his stay in 1946, Pablo Picasso left 23 paintings and 44 drawings in the city of Antibes. Among the most famous paintings: The Joy of Life, Satyr, Fauna and Centaur with trident, The Gobeur urchins, LaFemme with sea urchins, Still life with the owl and three sea urchins, La Chèvre …
September 22, 1947 saw the official inauguration of the Picasso room on the first floor, accompanied by a first hanging of the works of Antibes.
On September 7, 1948, an exhibition confirms the significant enrichment of 78 ceramics made at the Madoura workshop in Vallauris.
On September 13, 1949, on the occasion of the inauguration of the exhibition “French tapestries”, new rooms dedicated to Picasso’s paintings, ceramics and drawings are open to the public. And on December 27, 1966, the city of Antibes pays homage again to Pablo Picasso and the Grimaldi castle becomes officially Picasso museum, first museum dedicated to the artist. Finally, in 1991, the Jacqueline Picasso delegation authorized a new enrichment of the Picasso collections.

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