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Located at 318 Bd de la Madeleine in Nice (France)
The shop is open from Monday to Friday from 9h to 12h30 and from 14h to 18h. However, the last morning visit is at 11:45 and the afternoon visit 17:00. Access by bus no. 3 (terminus stop).

Come visit the last olive oil mill in Nice. From the individual to the group, we will guide you FREE all year round through the steps of olive oil production. Come share with family an unforgettable moment and dive into the history of the city of Nice. Following this visit we will offer you a tasting of our products in our shop. You can enjoy our oils, olives or tapenades. The diffusion of a report showing the operations carried out before the arrival at the mill, will complete this discovery.

At the same time producer with more than 60 hectares of estates on the Côte d’Azur in organic farming, mill with 2 mills but also confectioner of olives, our house perpetuates an ancestral know-how in order to produce but also to select unique varieties .
In fact, this dual know-how of producer and miller brings us a high degree of demand for our signature vintages. From a rigorous selection of the best European terroirs, these wines are made only in collaboration with producers selected for the quality of their fruits.


In the 90’s, the Piot family bought the last olive oil mill in Nice from the Alziari-Nègre family. The company Alziari, then a miller trading since 1868, will become under the influence of the Piot family one of the most important oil house in France. The family bringing a new job in the house to know that of producer.


They use the “Genoese” method, of which we are one of the last defenders in Europe. After a slow grinding of the olives for two to three hours, the stone basin is filled with cold water; the olive oil on the surface is immediately recovered to be decanted. The rest of the pulp will be placed in the scourtins (coconut fiber filters) to be pressed. This is called the first cold press. The mill runs between November and March. They organize tasting workshops and guided tours.

THE BOUTIQUE DU MOULIN 318 Boulevard de la Madeleine

Placed under the family home for convenience and located on the site of the mill, this shop has always existed. Still decorated with many period furniture and traditional objects, it is the joy of the inhabitants of the neighborhood who, children, already came to nibble some olives.

THE BOUTIQUE OF OLD NICE 14, Rue François de Paule

It was in 1932 that the family decided to open a shop in Old Nice. The oil from the horse-drawn mill was daily lowered to supply the tin-iron drums of the little shop. Despite the years, the small universe of thirty square meters has remained an island of authenticity. It has become a must for lovers of local products.


They operate several estates with thousands of olive trees in the heart of the French Riviera. With more than 60 hectares, our house has become the largest producer in the region *.

The work is done all year round, mainly by hand in terraces (hillside boards). They have been using products from organic farming for years; because one can not conceive of cultivating a secular tree without thinking of future generations.

For some of our best wines, they also work with other areas in Europe to offer fans, wines of incomparable finesse and a unique signature. To taste an olive oil Alziari, it is to offer an unforgettable Mediterranean parenthesis.



Ouvert : du Lundi au Samedi de 9H à 19H ; Dimanche de 10h à 19h

Fermeture : Ouvert les jours fériés sauf : 1 er Janvier , 1er mai, 25 Décembre

Adresse :

14 rue Saint François de Paule , 06300 Nice (France)

Contact :

04 93 62 94 03



du Lundi au Vendredi de 9H à 12H30 et de 14H à 18H


Jours fériés
Adresse : 318 Boulevard de la Madeleine , 06000 Nice (France)

contact : 04 93 44 45 12

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