Chateau Eza


Restaurant Château Eza, French Riviera


Perched between Nice and Monaco, between sea and mountains, Eze is a picturesque village with multiple alleys and vaulted passageways.

Château Eza hotel offers a Gourmet Restaurant serving à la carte French and Mediterranean cuisine against the stunning backdrop of the French Riviera.

Dine in the indoor glass-edged room with 180° panoramic views for fully enjoying the sun-kissed Riviera weather or on one of the several outdoor terraces, all overlooking the sparkling azure waters of the Cote d’Azur.

A popular destination for tourists, it is also popular with gourmets, who have three Michelin-starred restaurants at their disposal.

Among them, the Château Eza, which, in addition to offering gourmet cuisine, offers a breathtaking viewpoint on the Big Blue.

A kitchen full of colors and delightful seasonal elements.

Each plate is presented at the table in the rules of the art. If nothing is left to chance in the choice of products and associations, the head Axel Wagner refrains however to scramble the message with terms such as “foam”, “foam” or “espuma”. The central product must be accompanied by a juice that sublimates it.

Thus, the back of lean, a fish with white flesh, is served with a citrus juice iodized with fennel and shellfish.

As for the lobster fricassee with potato, it is enhanced by a shell juice mixed with nutty butter both powerful and of great finesse.

The pastry chef is on the same wavelength, even if the juice is called jelly, cream or sorbet.

At the helm of the kitchens, Matthieu Gasnier.

Originally from the Loire region, he grew up in a cook family which led him to choose this trade, to discover the gourmet cuisine with Thierry Drapeau (2 * Michelin star) in Vendée and to make it his own. passion.

Arrived on the French Riviera since 2010 he continued his training by working with Dimitri Droisneau (2 * Michelin stars), Phillippe Jourdin (1 * Michelin star) and Des Frères Raimbault (2 * Michelin stars) by their side. has been able to appropriate the flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine full of flavors and delicacy. A readable kitchen that highlights the right product and the right taste.

Former sous-chef of the Oasis restaurant (2 * Michelin stars) in Mandelieu La Napoule, our new chef knows the Riviera whose products are familiar to him.

For lovers of Mediterranean flavors but not only, Matthieu Gasnier celebrates local ingredients and puts his creativity at the service of gourmet cuisine, fresh and delicate.




Rue de la Pise,
06360 Eze Village
Restaurant reservation: +33 (0)4 93 41 12 24

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