Villa Les Camélias


Located in Cap d’Ail in a Belle Epoque property, this museum allows the public to discover the archives of Cap d’Ail since the time of its creation, in 1908, and throughout the twentieth century. The art of living, the development of the town and the famous people who frequented it are all themes addressed in the exhibition.
Another part of the museum is devoted to a Basque painter of the beginning of the century: Ramiro ARRUE. Many works of the artist invite to discover the different aspects of his work and his love of the Basque Country.

terrasseThe history of the Cap d’Ail site is unique: virgin coastal fringe of the rural town of La Turbie until the 1880s, this area will experience in a few decades an extraordinary development and become a popular seaside destination, home to sumptuous buildings , served by a train station and a horse-drawn service!

Villa-les-Funanbules-de-SP Along with the major building sites of the neighboring Principality, this tourist craze will generate a profitable local economy: shops, craft workshops, hotels, restaurants, bars, pigeon shooting stand, but also dairies , electric factories, gas plants, large-scale laundries …. The working population will concentrate in a modest habitat on the sloping territories of the Salines and Saint-Antoine districts, to the east and north of the neighborhoods. resort.

Villa-LumièreNBIn 1908, Cap d’Ail was established as a commune by the decree published in the Official Gazette of December 31, 1908. Public services are installed: a gendarmerie station to maintain order in an isolated territory, an office of Post and Telecommunications, a public contract is launched for the construction of a City Hall, a school class for boys quickly split by a class of girls … The city was born.

In this intimate and shady garden, more or less wild, discover more young olive trees alongside centennial carob trees, mimosas, a young Ginko biloba, Judas trees, bougainvilleas, camellias and also fragrant jasmine. Take time and see the neighboring irises with tomatoes, rose bushes flirting with salads, acanthus and agapanthus, pelargoniums and potatoes and many other flowers with complicated names. Some fruit trees, white and pink laurels and citrus fruits complete the decor. Sit at the foot of the tall pines to listen to the cicadas and witness the rebirth of our phoénix.

A thousand apologies to all the flowers and trees that are not named here.

Opening period

April – October
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (09: 30-12: 30/14: 00-18: 00)
Sunday (11:00 to 18:00)

November – March
Tuesday, Thursday (09: 30-12: 00/13: 30-16: 30)
Sunday (10 am-4pm)


Villa Les Camélias

17 Avenue Raymond Gramaglia, 06320 Cap-d’Ail

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