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A rich heritage

A special history The Barons of Bellet, whose title of nobility was granted in 1777 by the King of the Sardinian states, established their property on the upper part of Nice. This family, originating from Savoie, gave its name to the appellation, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2011. Indeed, it is one of the oldest AOCs in France.

Situated on the appellation’s highest parcels, the vines of Chateau de Bellet surround the historic family chapel. Built in homage to Agnes Roissard de Bellet, who passed away at the age of 23, this monument currently houses her statue. It can be seen from miles around and was constructed out of white stones from the former quarry of La Turbie. These are the same stones used to build Monaco’s cathedral, famous casino and oceanographic museum.

The wines of Bellet boast an international and long standing reputation. Thomas Jefferson said that he had enjoyed the “great wine” of Nice, discovered during a visit to the region. This notoriety still exists today, as the highest slopes of the appellation produce some truly top wines. Chateau de Bellet has made an appearance at important events: the Versailles Summit of Heads of State in 1982, the European Summit in Nice in 2000 and the NATO Summit in 2005. More recently,
Chateau de Bellet was served at the royal wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlene.

The terroir

Rare grape varietiesBRAQUET, FOLLE NOIRE and ROLLE are the names of the varieties producing the wines at Chateau de Bellet. The Barons of Bellet count among the handful of winegrowing families, who after World War II, replanted old and very characteristic local grape varieties, adapted to this terroir, such as VERMENTINO B bearing the regional name of Rolle and used to make white wines. Or varieties such as BRAQUET N and FUELLA NERA (also known as FOLLE NOIRE), limited to the production of reds and rosés.

At present, ROLLE, associated with the terroirs of Provence, is planted in appellation areas of production. In addition, historic documents about viticulture always link the wines of Bellet to BRAQUET a native grape variety. Indeed, it is called after an old family from Nice. In view of ensuring further aromatic complexity, the vineyard benefits from a third variety, known for its crazy character, hence its name – FOLLE NOIRE.

Great wines

“ Benefiting from the afternoon sun, the limestone and sulphurous terrain around the hillsides of Nice, produces the best wine. Indeed, the quality known as Bellet is especially renowned. Bellet can be conserved for many years without alteration. Its finesse, as well as its spiritual force, allow it to compete with the most exquisite wines from the south of Europe. ”
Dating back to 1847, these words spoken by a member of the Turin Royal Academy of Sciences, are still valid.

Visites de chai

From vines to cellar .Only 20 minutes from the city centre of Nice and the airport, on your visit you will DISCOVER THE VINEYARDS surrounding the Chapel, and then THE WINE CELLAR, built in 2015, which is partially underground and semi-circular in shape.

The cellar was conceived for the reception of the grape by gravity and the ageing of great wines of Château de Bellet in optimal conditions.

The visit ends in the Chapel with an INTIMATE TASTING inside our secret crypt.

From early October to late April,
from Tuesday to Saturday

Cellar visit:
2 PM – 3 PM – 4 PM

From early May to late September,
from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays

OPEN FROM 10:30 AM TO 6:30 PM
Cellar visit:
11 AM – 12 PM – 2 PM – 3 PM – 4 PM – 5 PM

by phone: +33 (0)4 93 37 81 57
or by mail:

Location de salles

A personalised welcomeSituated at 300 metres in height in the middle of the vines, the reception hall offers a surface area of 300M² over the barrel cellar in a private environment.

Between the sea and mountains, you will enjoy a VAST TERRACE OF 500M² at the heart of the vineyard, with unique views towards the Alps and the Mediterranean sea.

The reception hall of Château de Bellet welcomes both PROFESSIONAL AND PRIVATE EVENTS.
We invite you to contact us directly for the organization of your project.

Château de Bellet S.A.S.
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06200 Nice
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