Stylish suites housed in ancient dammusi dwellings bring together strict monastic interior architecture and refined contemporary elegance: welcome to Sikelia, an exclusive, timeless place, synonymous with luxury and tranquillity, a place to discover the many contrasts of the island of Pantelleria.

Our warm and personal welcome will make you feel right at home.
Our elegant and stylish cuisine showcases the authentic flavours of rural tradition.
And our Arabic garden is a place to get lost in the ancient rituals of grape therapy and rediscover the slow rhythms of the earth.

This is Pantelleria, the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean, a place to discover and respect, with its dark rocks carved by the wind, its sharp forms softened by the roundness of the white dammusi dwellings, its natural hot springs and rejuvenating mud, the precious legacy of the volcano from which the island originated.
The music of the wind crashes dramatically on the cliffs, as if to remind us that here, nature is the absolute master. But that nature is also our friend.
And finally the sea, an intense blue, in which to get lost and dream. A sea which whispers tales of an Africa that is closer than we ever could have imagined.


Timeless is the island of Pantelleria, where our senses are enveloped in a rough and wild nature, and time passes slowly like in the most authentic Africa.
Timeless is the search for stone tombs, shrines and other ancient island treasures, built in ancient times.
Timeless is bathing in the rock sediments of the Lago di Venere, where the early history of life is innate.

Timeless is the origin of the name Sikelia, which dates back to sometime in the Byzantine era, when the Empire was divided into themata.
Timeless is falling asleep gazing at the ancient Arabic arches of our suites.
Timeless is your experience at Sikelia, where time seems to stand still and the soul finds its original union with the spectacular elements of nature.


Hidden is the island of Pantelleria, solitary in the sea between the coasts of Sicily and Africa, an ancient land whose people once worshipped Ishtar, the goddess of love.
Hidden are its pathways, winding through Mediterranean shrubland and volcanic rocks.
Hidden are the hot springs flowing from the rock and the Mirror of Venus, set in a beautiful natural amphitheatre.

Hidden is Sikelia, concealed within the rounded walls of ancient dammusi dwellings, a haven of peace and serenity.
Hidden are our Alcoves, concealed behind a golden door for exclusive relaxation.
Hidden are dinners in the vineyards under starry skies, accompanied by the intoxicating scents of the harvest.



All bookings at SIKELIA made through L’e Marquis qualify for BEARMILES