Casa di Sopra


A heavenly home-away-from-home, our sprawling 163-square-metre Casa di Sopra is truly a paradise.

Villa architecture, skilfully nestled amidst the surrounding rocks, is unmistakably Mediterranean, from its soft lines and brilliant white plaster to the use of terracotta, yellow granite and artistic Sardinian ceramics.
The furnishings have been carefully chosen to combine local traditions with refined touches that ensure extra comfort.

The private wine cellar is ideal when entertaining guests in the lounge which opens onto the patio and pool terrace. There is simply no place better suited to large private dinners, while a personal butler is assigned to the villa to provide tailored service for guests throughout their stay and fulfil any requests at all times.




  • Three large double bedrooms
  • Each bedroom has its own ceramic and wooden suite bathroom
  • Private swimming pool and a sprawling terrace overlooking a calm emerald sea
  • Private wine cellar providing the perfect accompaniments to your private dining
    24h butler service
  • Daily housekeeping services and buffet breakfast included (halfboard or fullboard on request)
  • Access to the hotel’s private beach and to all its facilities
  • State-of-the-art technology and luxury amenities






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